Success Strategy #1

“How to be successful”… One of the most appealing topics to just about anyone and everyone. If you’re anything like me, you LOVE reading quotes, blogs/articles, or watching videos that make you want to go out into the world and just flat out dominate. You know, that feeling of confidence, strength, and fearlessness that truly makes you believe that you’re ready to destroy anything that gets in the way of you and your dreams.

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but thats not exactly what this post is about. Unfortunately, I can’t sit here and give you a list of what to do to be successful because I myself, haven’t even come close to the level of success that I seek. I know I will reach my goals, but there is a lot to learn in the meantime. So instead of a 12 step guide to success, I’m just going to fill you in on (what I believe) is the first and most important step in achieving your most ambitious dreams. Although it’s only the beginning of your success journey, my hope remains that after reading this you take a good look in the mirror, realize you are capable and shout “Lets make MOVES!”

Success Strategy #1: Start

Start. Start now. Start (especially) if you’re scared. Start even if you may not be “ready”.

Regardless of what your goal may be, there is always something that you can start doing now that will help with the future. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. You don’t need to be leaping into untested waters, but at least dip your feet! This goes out to anyone with a dream and an ounce of ambition, I could talk motivational stuff all day but for the sake of staying on topic we are going to focus on students who are approaching a pivotal point in their life… Deciding, “What’s next?”.

Young adults tend to wait around on their decision. They want to wait for the right moment, wait until money is right, wait until they aren’t as busy, or wait until they are given a sign. I get it, you want to be patient and thoroughly consider what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. I’m not saying to rush into anything, but I am saying that there are ways to figure these things out sooner. This is done by taking initiative. Don’t commit until you’re truly ready and have decided, but get closer to a commitment every day. You’ll never choose between careers if you only know 30% of what 10 varying fields actually do! So dive in and be passionate in your daily pursuit of exploration. When you find out what you truly want to be, the commitment and the work should be natural and willing.

Considering being a Chiropractor and going to D.C School?
Here are a few ways of taking initiative without feeling like you’re making a blind commitment.

  1. Shadow a Doctor: Most doctors will be more than happy to guide and inform you about chiropractic. They love seeing people grow interest in the profession and are willing to do anything to help the cause! All it takes is one simple call.

    “Hi, my name is Steven Glandsburg and I’m currently an undergraduate student who is interested in becoming a Chiropractor. I don’t know much about the profession but I’d love to learn more and see what a Chiropractor does on a day to day basis. Could I spend a couple of hours shadowing your office?”

    Easy as that. You could make this call as a high school student, undergraduate, or someone who’s been out of school for years! Don’t be intimidated, a doctor who isn’t willing to let you shadow probably isn’t the type of doctor you want to witness anyways. Don’t know of any Chiropractors near you? There’s this pretty handy thing called Google, it tells you everything about everything…

  2. Visit a Chiropractic College: No, they aren’t going to make you sign a letter of commitment… They aren’t going to line up their prospects and force cervical adjustments on each of you. There is literally nothing to fear about visiting a school. At most, it’ll take a couple hours of driving and a clear schedule. Here at Cleveland Chiropractic, you’ll even get a free lunch to go with your tour of the school.
  3. Learn the Philosophy: The practice of Chiropractic is so much more in depth than I had expected before committing to the program. As a student in the program, you learn all of the philosophy and in depth mechanics in classes which make you enjoy the profession even more. Understanding why the Central Nervous System functions at a greater level due to an adjustment, instead of “loving how it feels when my back pops” is truly enticing. Pick up a book, “Fundamentals of Chiropractic” by Daniel Redwood and Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III (the current President of Cleveland Chiropractic) would be a great one to start with. It covers history and philosophy, has fun pictures, and portrays what Chiropractic is from the view of folks who have been a part of the profession for a very long time.

So lets stop waiting and START. Some of you have never been to a chiropractor before, and thats okay! My first adjustment ever was performed on a classmate who had never been adjusted. So don’t let that prevent you from talking to Chiropractors or visiting a school. You’re exploring to learn what Chiropractic is about, and thats understood. If you’re interested, take initiative to figure out if it’s the right profession for you. Like I said before, when you find out what you truly want, the commitment will be natural and willing, but first you must start

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