Monday… Fun day?

Ah the beginning of a new trimester! No, it wasn’t the first day of class, but it was the first Monday. Lets be honest, Monday’s are the weekly struggle that we ALL face.


Reality hits Sunday evening when we realize, instead of waking up to bird songs and sunshine through the curtains, we have to wake up to the *cue iPhone default ring*, double (triple for some of us) snoozes, and the urgency of getting out of the front door on time with coffee in hand. Mondays, oh Mondays.

Despite my rocky relationship with the start of the work week, this first Monday of the trimester really wasn’t so bad! Although I was in class from 7:30 A.M – 3:30 P.M without even a lunch break, I escaped the incredibly familiar beige building with a feeling of contentment.

I thoroughly enjoyed my new schedule, new classes, and new instructors.
(View my weekly schedule, Week at a Glance!)

Trust me, you’ll understand why this is such a surprise after you’ve spent 2 years here, taken over 60 exams, and sat through approximately 150 credit hours.

This trimester seems a bit different though! I’ve just started trimester 7/12, officially passing the half way mark of the program. I always hoped the program would get easier, but I began to realize that my hopes were only false accusations. It’s too early to claim that this trimester is any different, but I can confidently say that things are getting more clinical. Not easier, but more real. Less book work and more clinical application.

So for those of you who aren’t sure what the program consists of, I can assure you that learning by lecture and book will take its toll. For those of you currently in the program, I know it seems never ending, like you’ll never start learning clinical application. I’m here to tell you, you will. 

It may have been hard to understand it in the moment, but I now see that school does an incredible job of preparing you for the next step of your chiropractic journey. Then the next step after that. We often see similar information, cover the same pathologies, and get tested over familiar anatomy. This is done on purpose, because in order to effectively solve a problem, you must be more than familiar with the information that leads you to the answer/diagnosis.

It’s Trimester 7/12 and we are learning to be problem solvers. We’ve experienced 6 trimesters of learning, training, and becoming familiar with all of the information to get to this pivotal point of our career. You must be comfortable with the tools before you can start fixing. 

For those of you currently in the earlier parts of the program, hang in there and keep absorbing. Your time will come to think clinically and apply all of the knowledge that you have collected over the past 2 years. Prospective students, you are going to learn A TON, but the more of it you can attain then the better off you’ll be in a clinical setting.

Happy Monday to all!

Adjusted Thinking


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