Free Events? Yes, please.


Okay, I’ll admit it… Not everything about being a student in graduate school is hard work! There are plenty of advantages of being in a program that is expected to produce promising individuals after graduation.

Practice management is a touchy subject, so I’m going to stay away from the details of who, why, how, and whether or not I intend to use any Practice Management companies. In short, most practice management aim to provide new or existing Chiropractors with assistance in opening and/or running a successful practice (in many different forms).

Although I’m not going into any more detail about it, I will give a huge Thank You to Integrity Doctors for always hosting awesome events such as this weekends KC Royals game. 

Events such as these provide information to students on how the particular Practice Management group works. This weekend provided free food, drinks, and brought in current doctors that are a part of Integrity to meet some of us students who were in attendance. No signing, no commitment, just some information, a good time, and free tickets to the Royals game!

A great way to network and meet Chiropractors from all over the country. Integrity knocked it out of the park with their event. I mean… Who can say no to free food, tickets, and tailgating with friends?

5 thoughts on “Free Events? Yes, please.

  1. There are positives and minuses to practice management organizations. They are (for new offices) a relatively lengthy commitment with a pretty substantial price tag. For those without experience in business and/or a game plan upon graduating, they can provide tools to help guide the graduate. Finding an organization that FITS the individual’s needs can be challenging. These organizations create a kind of flow chart system YOU must adapt yourselves to. If the FIT is bad, the results are disastrous.

    When I was in school I pretended my clinic experience was based on the real world. I brought 90% of the patients I saw from outside the clinic rather than relying on graduating students handing their patients down to me. If I couldn’t convince people to use my education as a student for their well being, I figured I would be just as UNSUCCESSFUL at convincing them to use my education as a newly licensed doctor. I completed 95% of the clinic requirements in 1 trimester. This is NOT said to pat myself on the back, but rather to show how seriously I took the responsibility of becoming a doctor.

    Before anyone uses a practice management group, I highly recommend following my suggestion while in clinic. If you are willing to treat the experience as a pre- real life opportunity, it will show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Those with confidence and a willingness to create game plans with disciplined strategies may never need to spend money on these management organizations. In addition, those willing to LISTEN and FOCUS on patient needs will likely achieve the best patient outcomes (which in most cases will translate into a successful practice.)

    I used a management company solely believing they would help me attain a bank loan based on my good financial track record (and lack of debt) after graduating. I spent over $20,000.00 on their monthly fees WITHOUT ever successfully getting the bank loan. They were an ethical group, however, their approach did not align well with my personality or approach to patient care. I share this with you hopefully so others can learn from my naive mistakes. I practiced for 20+ years and retired at 55 years of age. I continue to help people through blogging and lecturing. My PASSION for HEALTH and PEOPLE’S WELL BEING will continue to be my life’s mission. Living the lifestyle I have encouraged my patients to follow has given me the opportunity to live an ACTIVE lifestyle under my terms! For me, this is the difference between LIVING LIFE and merely EXISTING in life.

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    1. Reliable advice from someone who has been through it, and great at putting his experiences and lessons into words to help all of us who are reading. Thanks again, Dr. Jonathan. Your responses continue to further our learning, we are lucky to have your insight. I’d love to hear more about your personal experiences and journey of becoming and being a successful Doctor. Stay in touch, take care!

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