Let’s Celebrate!

When celebrations feel extra celebratory…

  • A cheat meal after a brutal leg work out
  • The ringing of the last bell (in high school) on the last day of class for the semester
  • Winning an award after practicing for months or years on end
  • Using anything that you made/fixed yourself
  • Framing an art piece that took you months to finish
  • Seeing all of your closest friends for a wedding weekend after 2 weeks of constant studies, exams, and quizzes. 

Sorry for the hiatus, but if you viewed one of my recent articles, Calm Before the Storm, I filled you in on one of the not so pretty aspects of being a student. I had 5 exams and 1 quiz in the matter of 8 days. It was the first round of tests of the trimester and it came at me like an unexpected roundhouse to the chin. 

It’s over, and we survived. The previous week and a half was awful, but the weekend that followed made up for every second. One of my best friends got married, so I traveled back to Oklahoma directly after my last test on Friday morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend post – a brutal week. I spent the weekend with my best friends who came back home from all over the nation, and spent all Sunday with my family for Fathers Day.

Mostly, I just wanted to get one point across with this post.

Hard work is always rewarded with a greater feeling of satisfaction.

Gas tank full, tires aired, and a trunk packed to the brim, I pulled out of the depressing school parking lot and headed for the interstate. This feeling was worth it all.

I was home to celebrate some of my closest friends getting married, so it wasn’t about me. But during the school grind before hand, all I kept reminding myself is that I’d have nothing to study during the wedding weekend. It’d be worry free, no studying, no diet, no stress. Just fun, just celebration.

Therefore, celebrations are extra celebratory when we know we deserve it. Scroll back to the top and notice that all of the list of celebrations only exist following hard work. Receiving your reward always provides more happiness and relief when you know you worked your ass off to get to the finish line. Life is about earning what you deserve, not being given it.

So for all of you who may be going through a stressful time, know that the achievement is always worth the grind. Life’s difficulties are what make us stronger human beings. Don’t wish for things to be easier, but aspire for yourself to be stronger. Conquer your goals, and when you do, celebrate your progression. 

What was your most memorable celebration and why? Comment below!


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